Daevid Allen, musician, poet, and founder of GONG, died on March 13 2015 aged 77, after a full life and fascinating career. Some of his family members and friends met at his home on the night of March 21st to celebrate his life with poetry and music. Here is a selection of the poems shared on that occasion, reproduced here with permission. Copyright for the writings and photos used here remains the property of the authors or other copyright holders. f you would like to learn more about Daevid, I recommend this excellent Guardian obituary.


Life After Death

By Rosemary Nissen-Wade

For Daevid 

I've been reading a vampire book.
I like to pretend
the dead can stay in this world
in their physical forms.

Even if they only emerge at night,
isn't that when we most want them,
in those long, lonely hours?
But I know it's not like that.

Life after death
is a song you wrote,
a piece of music recorded.
Or it's a poem.

Life after death
is the life you lived,
the moments that stay
in other memories. Ours.

It's your voice we hear
so clearly, we look around
and see no-one  yet still
it lingers in the air.

It's your shape in a crowd,
your gesture
made by a stranger,
the set of your head.

And sometimes
it's a dream
so real that we wake
as from a conversation.

It's a message
entering the mind
in your very words,
your intonation.

It's this tree, that star,
the endless ocean,
the wind across the mountain,
the earth we dig.

And it's the surge of love
that shakes us all over,
warms us, enfold us,
brings us to tears  grateful tears.

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