Daevid Allen, musician, poet, and founder of GONG, died on March 13 2015 aged 77, after a full life and fascinating career. Some of his family members and friends met at his home on the night of March 21st to celebrate his life with poetry and music. Here is a selection of the poems shared on that occasion, reproduced here with permission. Copyright for the writings and photos used here remains the property of the authors or other copyright holders. f you would like to learn more about Daevid, I recommend this excellent Guardian obituary.


RIP Daevid Allen

By Thom Woodruff
aka Thom the World Poet

"Cancer" you say
S for Surgery RIGHT AWAY
T for trauma, P for pain
L for leaves, R for Returns again
R is also for RELEASE!
when P for Pain and S for Suffering
Add up to too much Alphabet Soup
Right up to the end, you Sang/you Spoke
Poetry and Music our H for Hope
Every Soul you Knew, holds a Part of You
This way, we can learn to sing - and to speak - too...

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